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Terms & Conditions

This shopping policy applies to Nannangoods (hereinafter referred to as this website), with the purpose of protecting the interests of this website and all users who make online purchases on this website (hereinafter referred to as users). Users should read the following agreed terms in detail:

Purchase Notes

●Please call 04-23141312 within 7 days of receiving the goods (Monday to Friday 09:30~18:00).

●Check the integrity of the goods, gifts, and outer packaging. Please use a carton to pack it. Do not directly paste the delivery note on the product packaging.

●Personal factors are required to pay postage for the return of goods. Please send the goods to the physical store address of this website in the original packaging. (If there are missing parts or incomplete packaging, this website reserves the right not to return)

●Customized products will not be returned due to personal factors, please consider clearly before placing a bid.

Personal data security

●In order to complete the transaction, including payment and shipping, all users who make online purchases on this website must guarantee that the information retained is consistent with the facts.

●In addition to the safe transaction mode, the website retains the confidentiality obligation for the information retained by the user, and will not arbitrarily disclose or provide it to a third party.

Online consumption

● Once users make online purchases on this website, they are willing to purchase the goods or services and are willing to abide by the trading rules.

●If the user information (such as address, telephone, etc.) is changed, you should immediately go online to correct the information retained by it, and you must not deny its ordering behavior or refuse payment on the grounds that the information does not match.

● This website reserves the right to accept your order or not. For example, due to errors on this website, the price of goods is incorrectly marked, and the stock is insufficient. Order items.

●Regarding the return and order of various products purchased by users on this website, in addition to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the return and exchange instructions.

●Users are not allowed to use indecent language such as verbal abuse, insult, defamation, and other words that attack other users and this website. This website reserves the right to delete such messages and other messages and messages deemed inappropriate by this website.

Intellectual property rights

The copyrights, patents, trademarks, commercial privacy and any other ownership and rights related to the online services and products provided by this website belong to this website. Without the consent of this website, no individual or unit shall be allowed to download, copy, transmit, modify, edit and make operations without authorization, otherwise all legal liabilities will be assumed.