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Work process

Mass customization process

There are three main categories. A small number of customers can directly add printing from stock. If you order more than 300P, please wait for 30 days. For urgent customers, please go to the Quick Print Center to buy.

ps. For non-cloth goods wholesale, please inquire directly to


01. Decide the order quantity:

If the following 02-06 question is unclear, you can call 04-23141312 or write a letter or fill out this [inquiry form], we can provide suggestions.

Small quantities can be ordered directly in the shopping cart: GO

02. Decide the material and thickness of the fabric:

Cotton canvas fabric: │thick canvas│middle canvas│light canvas│cotton fabric......different by thickness

Other fabrics: │ cotton and linen fabrics │ denim fabrics │ nylon fabrics │ non-woven fabrics │ plain weave fabrics │ hessian fabrics │ suede fabrics │ Oxford fabrics │ silk yarns │ flannel │ floral fabrics...

03. Decide the bag style:

│Straight shoulder bag│Horizontal shoulder bag│Crossbody bag│Dual use bag│Shopping bag│Small bag│Shoe bag│Storage bag│Packaging bag│Gift bag│Gift bag│Beam pocket│Beam backpack│Special Style │

04. Decide the bag size and color:

│Recommended public size │Special custom size │

05. Decide additional conditions for bags:

│Add drawstring│Add buckle│Single-layer cloth │Double-layer cloth (+inner)│Add inner bag│Add zipper│Add buckle│Add cloth label│Add outer packaging│Attach place of origin│Others│...

06. File transfer

Logo. Pattern, size and color description (AI file or JPG file, resolution above 300dpi. It is better to have a simulation picture)

07.New fast arrival can refer to [public version series], or to the 7 days express printing center

For a small number of customers below 300 pieces, only for the production of current materials. Please forgive me. For more than 300 pieces, special sizes can be customized.


01. Quote:

Printing and detailed discussion → finalization of process and delivery time

02. Place an order

Return quotation → place 50% deposit → start production → delivery → pay the final payment

Full payment: Any product ordered below 50 pieces and urgent case